Thursday, July 23, 2015

#454 Hal Woodeshick

Hal Woodeshick  Washington Senators

Career: Woodeshick pitched for six different teams over his eleven years in the majors, most of his time came with the Houston Colt 45s/Astros. Although he made 62 starts among his 400+ appearances his most effective work was as a reliever. From 1963 thru 1965 he had over 50 saves in a time that saves were less common than they are now. He was an All Star in '63 and led the NL in saves the following season.

In 1960: He opened the season in the Senators' rotation but after 14 starts and a rough July he went to the bullpen where he was noting if not erratic. He ended the year with a 4-5 record and four saves.

WikiFacts: "He made his last [career] appearance in Game Six of the 1967 World Series against the Boston Red Sox, working a scoreless eighth inning in an 8-4 Boston victory in which he was the Series' record-tying eighth pitcher used in the game by the Cardinals. He was released a week after the Cardinals won the World Series title in seven games." -BR Bullpen page

The Card: This one sports one of the better color combos in the set. And that's the old Comiskey Yankee Stadium.

The cartoon states that Woodeshick intended to work as a journalist after his baseball career but by all accounts that didn't happen. He lived in Houston and was active with the team's alumni and did a lot of local charity work in hospitals.


  1. Bob, after Woodeshick pitched for the Senators in 1960, when the rest of his team moved on to greener pastures in Minnesota for the 1961 season, Hal stayed in DC as a member of the expansion Senators. What a tough break!

    (If that wasn't enough of a beat-down, he was also a member of the expansion Colts in '62.)

  2. That is Comiskey park in the background with its "Archway" windows.

    1. Right you are. Not sure how I mis-ID'd this one. I've seen those windows in other pics. Thanks.