Tuesday, August 29, 2017

#3 Joe Adcock

Joe Adcock  Milwaukee Braves

Career: He played 17 seasons beginning in 1950 with the Reds and ending in 1966 with a few AL campaigns with the Angels. He played the bulk of his career with the Braves teams of the 50s including the two World Series clubs of '57/'58/ He got a ring outta that! His power caused folks to overlook his excellent glove work at first base. Finished with 335 homers.

In 1960: Another solid season. Adcock slashed 25/91/.298/.354 and made his only NL All Star team. He went 3 for 5 in the two ASGs played that year.

WikiFacts: On July 31, 1954, Adcock accomplished the rare feat of homering four times in a single game, against the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field. He also hit a double off the top of the wall to set a record for most total bases in a game (18) that stood for 48 years, until broken by Shawn Green in 2002. -WikiPedia

The Card: I'm always partial to the Braves' of this era if for no other reason than my 'crush' on their unis. I like this cards color combo and the portrait shot of Adcock near the cage. And of course the back is damn near perfect. Huzzah!!


  1. Oddly enough, Adcock had no Topps card in the 64, 65, or 66 sets, despite being the Angels' regular 1st baseman during that time.

    He reappeared in the 1967 set as the Indians' manager - his first and last season as a manager.

    1. That is very odd. I wonder if he had a disagreement with Topps. Another Adcock card woe....he had his ‘63 Fleer yanked from the printing sheets to make way for the checklist if I’m recalling correctly.