Tuesday, May 21, 2019

#90 Bobby Avila

Bobby Avila  Milwaukee Braves

Career: He played 11 seasons with the Indians and in their pennant-winning year of 1954 he won the AL batting title and finished third in the MVP voting. He struggled at the plate in the series against the Giants with just two hits in 15 at bats. He was a three-time All-Star. He played his final big league season with three clubs, the Orioles, Red Soxm and Braves. He finished with a .281 average for his career.

In 1960: Avila was farmed out in the spring of 1960 and wound up playing one final season, with the Mexico City Tigers. He helped that club with the pennant with a .333 average and he set a record for runs scored. After the season he began the next phase of his life by abecoming the president of Mexico's Vera Cruz League. 

Off The Charts: He's a member of Mexico's baseball Hall of Fame, has had two stadiums named for him, and served in Mexico's Congress and as the mayor of Vera Cruz.

The Card: This is a terrific card. Beautiful Braves classic uni with Connie Mack Stadium as the backdrop.


  1. Maybe I'm jumping the gun here and it's something you're going to talk about later, but is the blue on this card (and on the previous Hal Brown card) considered "Dark Blue" as opposed to the blue on the Brooks Robinson card you profiled in 2015 and feature in your banner? The blue on the Brooks card looks like it might be a lighter shade, which isn't used after the first series. Maybe it's just an optical illusion because of the other colors used on the card.

  2. It's a good observation. And it is something I have on my plate to tackle at some point. I even have my 'color combo' spreadsheet worked up, sort of. Looking quickly at the two cards I ::think:: they are the same shade of blue, or close enough to believe that the variance is in the printing process of due to the effects of time. I did a close look at the colors of the '59 set (click here) and the green, light blues, reds and oranges were tricky.

    I'm glad a few other people are interested!