Tuesday, November 10, 2020

#288 Bob Mabe


Bob Mabe  Baltimore Orioles

Career: Bob Mabe had a long minor league career and was 28 when he hit the majors with the Cardinals in 1958. Along the way, he had a couple of big seasons for the Cards' Houston Buffs farm team where he won 37 games over two years. He was traded to the Reds after a 3-9 mark with the Cards. His year in Cincy was marginally better. Well, his ERA exploded but he managed to win four games. Then his contract was sold to the Orioles where he made his last couple of appearances. 

In 1960: Mabe was lit up in both his early-season appearances in Baltimore and was soon in the minors where he pitched in five games total for the AA clubs of the Orioles and Senators. That was the end of the line for his career. 

Off The Charts: Over on my '59 Topps blog, I mentioned that Mabe was an avid golfer and worked in management for K-Mart and Dan River Mills after retirement. I don't know where I found that info because there isn't a lot on the 'net for him.

The most interesting thing about Bob Mabe is his expression on his '59 card. 

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  1. Lol. His facial expression on the 59T is pretty awesome.