Wednesday, January 16, 2019

#39 Earl Averill

Earl Averill  Chicago Cubs

Career: The son of Hall of Famer Earl Averill, this Averill played for five franchises over a seven year career. He was a 'platoon starter' in 1959 for the Cubs and in 1961/62 with the Angels where he had his best numbers. 

In 1960: This season was wedged in between his two most productive in the majors. He hit .233 with one dinger over 62 games. He opened the season with the Cubs, was dealt to the Braves in July and, without having played a game for Milwaukee, was traded to the White Sox a month later. Hopefully he hadn't given up he lease in Chicago. That December he was taken by the Angels in the expansion draft meaning he was with four clubs in five months.

Off the Charts: In 1962 he set an MLB record that he shares with Piggy Ward. He had the most consecutive plate appearances reaching a base by any means with 17, which he did from June 3 to June 10, Although sometimes refered to as 'Earl Averill Jr.', he and his better known dad had different middle names.

The Card: Great to see Wrigley in the background. Fun cartoon that references his Dad's career.

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