Wednesday, January 23, 2019

#42 Hobie Landrith

Hobie Landrith  San Francisco Giants

Career: I recently detailed this when I posted his card on my '58 set blog. Why repeat myself?

In 1960: He was coming off the second busiest season of his career but couldn't match it, either in games played or stats. He essentially flipped roles with Bob Schmidt who had backed him up with the Giants in '59 but took the bulk of the work in '60. 

Off The Charts: Hobie's Wikipedia page is longer than many that of some US Presidents. Someone is a big fan.

The Card: Given what Topps wrote in their blurb on this card I would have expected a season's highlights bullet list. The front is pretty sweet. I like the color combo and the posed 'action' shot. Looks like Wrigley Field.

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