Friday, January 18, 2019

#41 Barry Latman

Barry Latman  Chicago White Sox

Career: Barry Latman's career peaked in 1961 when he was an All-Star for the Indians and fashioned a 13-5 recond for a club that was five games below .500 for the season. In all, he pitched for 11 years for the White Sox, Indians, Angels, and Astros. That '61 campaign was the only time he had more wins than losses. He only taste of the postseason came in 1959 with the Sox but he didn't get into a game.

In 1960: On the eve (literally) of the season, Latman was dealt to the Indians for Herb Score. As Cleveland's fourth starter he had a pedestrian 7-7 mark with an ERA about 4 and a WHIP approaching 1.5. 

Off The Charts: From Latman's SABR bio page..."In 1954 [as an 18-year-old], Latman began a five-year correspondence with Ty Cobb, who had seen him pitch on TV. After some time the two met and Cobb watched Latman pitch. He told Barry that he had the stuff to pitch in the major leagues, and sent him a series of encouraging letters."

Off the Charts II: Grammarly wants to auto-correct 'Latman' to 'Batman'. Every time. 

The Card: Light blue and red combo with the old Comiskey in the background...nice. Add a fun Jack Davis cartoon and the SH bullet list and you've got a nice card. I like it despite the fact that two on Latman's 'highlights' came against my Orioles. 

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