Saturday, March 23, 2019

#70 Lou Burdette

Lou Burdette  Milwaukee Braves

Career: Burdette won over 200 games pitching for 18 seasons with six different clubs. But he was best known as Warren Spahn's mound mate with the Braves in the 50s. He helped them to a couple of World Series appearances and the '57 title. His three WS wins that year (all complete games, two shutouts!) earned him Series MVP honors.

In 1960: He went 18-13 with a 3.36 ERA and he lad the NL with 18 complete games.

Off The Charts: Wikipedia sez...In 1958, a reference to Burdette appeared in an episode of Leave It To Beaver. The text "Lew Burdette just hit a home run and Milwaukee leads seven to one in the series." appears briefly in a few frames showing a letter from the principal to Beaver's parents.[19] Burdette also cut a record in the 1950s entitled "Three Strikes and Then You're Out".

The Card: Three-color fronts rule! Especially yellow-black-white ones! Add in Wrigley Field, the Braves' uni, and Burdette's smirk and we have a winner.

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