Monday, March 25, 2019

Tigers Team Trio #72, #214 & #461

The Tigers finished sixth in the AL in 1960. They were 26 games back of the Yankees and knotted in a bunch with the Indians and Senators. They were mid-pack at best in hitting, fielding, and pitching overall ratings as well.

Frank Lary, Jim Bunning and Don Mossi were the top of the rotation with Hank Aguirre serving as what passed for a 'closer' in those days. He had 10 saves.

The Tigers had plenty of power and finished second to the Yankees in homers but were at or near the bottom in runs, RBIs and average. They had some speed as they were #2 in stolen bases. This wasn't one of Al Kaline's best years and the homer and RBI team crowns went to Rocky Colivito.

Sharp design on the team cards and, as usual, I got off cheap by buying one that has a marked up checklist reverse. 

I know for sure what Jimmie/Jimmy Dykes is doing. He's composing a letter asking Topps to at least spell his name the same way on both sides of his cards.

Jimmy/Jimmie managed for twenty one years in the big leagues, mostly with the White Sox. He was a player/manager for his first six seasons in Chicago. He later had stints with the Athletics, Reds, Orioles, Tigers and Indians. His three year run with the A's was the longest of any with those clubs. He averaged a fifth place finish in his long managerial career and three 3rd place finishes with the ChiSox were the best he could muster.

He had 21 seasons as a player and hit .280 for his career. He played in three World Series and won two of them. All that time in a dugout certainly helped him perfect the 'foot up on the dugout looking thoughtful' step thing.
- 5 Tool Collector, May 2013,

In a weird transaction, he was part of the only manager-for-manager trade in baseball history.  He switched jobs with  Joe Gordon of the Indians in August. If that wasn't odd enough, two coaches were swapped as well.

Luke Appling was a Hall of Fame player and Billy Hitchcock was a baseball lifer who spent time as a college and pro player, coach, manager and front office-type. Tom Ferrick was a relief pitcher for six different AL clubs in the 40s and 50s and served in the Pacific with the Navy in WWII. He was coached and scouted. 


  1. Of the 3, I need just the coaches card.
    The Dykes MGR card is a favorite of mine.
    I was born in 1960, so getting the Tigers team card was special.

    Good job!

  2. That text on the back of the coaches' card is great. Imagine a kid sitting down to read all that about the coaches!